Crystal Visions

Our Full Bonus Bundle Includes:

• 5 Exclusive Videos from the experts of "": Lourdes Lebron and Tara Mideaker guide you through their experiences with the feature film 'Crystal Visions' as well as bonus discussions on how to amplify the energy of your crystals, how best to use our videos as healing tools, and many more!

• Reference Cards- Receiving a Crystal for the first time? Our 8 Reference and Affirmation cards will show you how best to use utilize your newly discovered crystal.

• Special Discount: We'll also be getting you a special discount in our personal "Thank You" Note that will allow you an exclusive discount from any purchase at Healing as well as a free bonus physical card deck delivered to you with that purchase.

• Meditation Video - “The Infinite in Between” is an audio-visual meditation clip created by the director of the movie. It is designed to takes the viewer to an inner journey and the mysterious process of creation. You can use this meditation video to re-connect to your inner Source and recharge your Life Energy. It is only 6 minutes long and perfect for quickly relaxing your body and rejuvenating your spirit.

The Movie:

"Crystals and gemstones have fascinated and accompanied mankind since recorded history and stories go even further back to the times of Atlantis. In this documentary 6 experts share their knowledge and unique perspective about the oldest inhabitants of earth. It starts with the history and contemporary renaissance of crystals and goes on discovering their geological and physical properties. The journey continues by exploring the different kinds of crystals and then questioning if they really have healing properties and whether those are measurable or scientifically explainable."